Mission Statement

"To work in partnership to help alleviate the effects of unemployment and poverty in Gateshead by providing a furniture service that helps residents in receipt of benefits to estabish and sustain their tenancies"

Foundations Furniture Team

Our Values

  • Treating our customers with respect at all times
  • Providing the range and quality of service, that our customers require and can afford
  • Improving services by seeking feedback, learning from that and responding accordingly
  • Being honest, accountable and transparent
  • Investing in our employees and volunteers

Aims and Objectives

  • To deliver excellent services shaped around customers' needs
  • To effectively manage furniture assets to balance supply and demand whilst maximising customer choice and quality
  • To secure adequate resources both human and financial to effectively support our business
  • To keep customers' costs to a nominal level.

Safeguarding Policies

Our safeguarding policies can be found here

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